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Mammotome ST

Confidence In Quality Tissue Acquisition

The first of the three Mammotome® platforms, launching the legacy of confidence, accuracy and trust.

mammotome mr

Now the mri-guided Mammotome MR is available for your patients who need additional evaluation most—those who have had breast cancer before or have a family history of cancer, and patients with surgical implants or dense breast tissue.

Access Challenging Lesions with Ease

The variable aperture sleeve allows clinicians to confidently access and acquire challenging lesions. The flexibility to add this feature only when needed reduces the number of product codes required and minimizes pre-biopsy planning time.

Provide Pathology with Better Samples

Mammotome is the only company to offer a dual vacuum system. The strong vacuum technology continually holds and secures tissue within the aperture resulting in larger, contiguous cores. Acquiring unfragmented tissue samples delivers a complete picture to pathology.

Adjust for Dense Tissue

Computer driven patented Closed Loop Control Logic adjusts the cutter to maintain speed for dense or fatty tissue, resulting in less fragmented and more contiguous samples.

Achieve Precise Placement

The bladed tip technology provides exceptional tip sharpness to reach the targeted tissue without deflecting the lesion, all while minimizing the incision size.

“Patient satisfaction is improved due to decreased procedure time and single insertion. Radiologist and pathologist satisfaction improved due to the high quality of diagnostic cores.” – Kimberly Hutcherson, MD

Kimberly Hucherson, MD, Director, Gwinnett, North Metropolitan Radiology Associates, LLP/Gwinnett Medical Center
TVED A48-585

Mammotome elite - Product Overview

Mammotome elite – Product Overview

Mammotome elite - Product Overview

Mammotome elite – Product Overview

Mammotome elite - Product Overview

Mammotome elite – Product Overview

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